Cheetah Job Sheet

A job sheet management interface to plan and keep track of employees' daily tasks.

Current development is halted because no Andriod devices were available to build the employee's app interface.

What I've Learned

This was my first large project that have extensive use of backend technologies. Exploring the NodeJS ecosystem, I've experimented with various tools to built a GraphQL API, including Apollo Server, Prisma 2, Hasura, Nexus, Objection.js. I've finally settled with Nexus + Objection.js since it provided the most flexibility. I also focused more on unit-testing, notably with Jest to test the business logic.

For the frontend, the initial development was with Vue and Vuetify to create an admin dashboard. As the projects grow, Vuetify became a major blocker in extending certain features. Ultimately, the application was ported to React and material-ui, which provided more looser and composable components. The port was fairly quick and took roughly a week for a minimum viable product.