4 May 2021

  • In Ubuntu, if ~/ disk space runs out and unable to start the GUI, go to ctrl-alt-f2 (or any other fn except f1). Make disk space there.

2 May 2021

  • Scroll-snapped list need scroll-snap-align property in the children.

30 May 2021

  • Terser doesn't mangle DOM polyfills well. e.g. function CustomEvent() {} will not work whether it's scoped or not. I should probably report this bug.

28 April 2021

  • If BIOS doesn't boot GRUB, but booted Windows instead, go to BIOS menu and manually boot with GRUB, then enter sudo efibootmgr -o 0 1 to switch the boot sequence between the 0th and 1st bootloader (or similar command).

16 April 2021

  • Transfering money via cryptocurrencies is a very viable option to PayPal or TransferWise.

11 April 2021

  • Svelte compiler exposes metadata, including vars.

9 April 2021

  • When you have a git branch relation like: master < feat-a < feat-b. If feat-a gets squash merged into master, and to get feat-b merged into master, run git rebase master -i to interactively drop squash commits and rebase. Note the commits will be recommitted, changing commit time.

6 April 2021

  • In bash, $() means execute and return a value; \ means execute only

5 April 2021

  • Babel is only a parser/transpiler, nothing fancy

3 April 2021

  • When reading the source of a software, remember that you're reading bleeding-edge code that may not be released yet.

30 March 2021

  • VSCode has a search editor that places the search result directly in code view.

29 March 2021

  • Sentry release version needs to match the SDK's release name.
  • Facebook created Origami Design that has much better and programmable prototyping functionality.

28 March 2021

  • @vue/compiler-sfc automatically transforms asset URLs to JS imports.
  • @vue/compiler-sfc splits Vue SFCs into 3 virtual imports for template, script, and style. These virtual import paths are appended query strings to denote additional metadata. Flexible enough to allow integration for Vite, Rollup, and Webpack.
  • @vue/compiler-sfc uses @babel/parser to parse JS, TS, and other superset syntax via the plugins options, allowing it to support many syntax out-of-the-box.
  • Vue SFC and Svelte supports superset languages like TypeScript and Postcss by implementing a preprocess API, but this API is bound by the respective parser/compiler rather than the bundler, resulting in duplicated preprocessing configuration. @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte is leveraging bundler preprocess with useVitePreprocess option.

26 March 2021

  • TypeScript uses a neat trick to check if the filesystem is case-sensitive. Given a valid file path, if we invert the casings and it still exists, that means it's case-insenstive.

25 March 2021

22 March 2021

  • Node streams apply backpressuring to prevent memory monopolization when stream reads is more than writes, because writing to disk is slower than reads.
  • The Web Crypto API doesn't have a streaming API. It's limited to a single pass hashing due to the algorithm limitation. Issue.

19 March 2021

  • linkedom is a DOM parser that walks the tree via flattening it, resulting in O(n) reads.
  • Android emulator WebViews can be inspected via chrome://inspect.

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