No One Asked for your Age

1 January 2023

Age isn’t just a number, or so they said. It’s one that affects you mentally. Often presented as pride, but also a recipe for envy.

I'm 16 and I made this.

I did this thing when I was 12.

[Profile] 20. Founder of X company.

I’ve seen many great achievements from people of different backgrounds. The achievement itself is often perpetuated by the background. Be it coming from hardship, or living in poverty, it should be a feat to take pride in.

Age however is something everyone can relate to. When used as a denominator for an achievement, it also becomes comparable.

I was only able to do that when I was 25.

I did that when I was 15 instead.

I only found my company when I was 30.

It's a skill to cope with it, but it stays aback of one's mind, often negatively. It skews the significance of the achievement, instead of what it is at face value.

That is not to say you shouldn't share your age, if someone asked. But it is a number that doesn't need to be presented as pride.