3 Ways to Fix Rainmeter Crashes

6 June 2019

Sometimes Rainmeter crashes and you have no idea why. Here's a straightforward guide to fix it.

The methods below should be followed sequentially, if the first method doesn’t work, move on to the next method, and so forth.

Method 1: Delete Bugged Skin

Whenever Rainmeter crashes, chances are that a skin you loaded was bugged. If you remembered what skin was last loaded that caused Rainmeter to crash, follow the steps below, otherwise move on to the next method.


  1. In File Explorer, navigate to Documents/Rainmeter/Skins folder. This is where all your skins are kept.

  2. Within the folder, delete the folder with the name of the bugged skin.

  3. Restart Rainmeter.

Method 2: Clear Rainmeter Settings Cache

This method will “reset” your skins’ layout but will still keep your downloaded skins intact. This means you have to track down the bugged skin afterwards.


  1. Press ⊞ Win+R, type "%APPDATA%" (without quotes), and press Enter. File Explorer will open.

  2. Navigate to Roaming/Rainmeter folder and delete the Rainmeter.ini file.

  3. Restart Rainmeter. It should load the illustro skins by default.

  4. Load your desired skins again one at a time and see which causes Rainmeter to crash. When found, delete the skin the same way as Method 1.

Method 3: Reinstall Rainmeter

The last resort. You can backup your skins at Documents/Rainmeter/Skins if you wish, but it will very likely bring back the crash again.


  1. In Windows, search for "Add or remove programs", search for Rainmeter and click Uninstall.

  2. Go to the Rainmeter website and download the latest release.

  3. Install Rainmeter.


The above solutions should fix the most common crashes. If all the above doesn’t work, you may have downloaded a different version of Rainmeter from a different website. Make sure you download it from the official Rainmeter website.